We make preserved peonies

Preserved Peony Pink

Longbloom produces top-quality Dutch preserved peonies

Longbloom processes flowers in an unique way. Trough our proces, natural flowers are preserved for 6 months or more. This process will be used to preserve Orchids, Gerbera, Peonies and more kinds of flowers.

Nowhere in the world there is such an abundance of beautifully grown flowers as is in the Netherlands. These flowers are known to be top quality. Longbloom will use these flowers to make an special assortment of preserved flowers.

Our goal is to provide you with unique preserved flowers of top quality
We are curious which kinds of flowers you would like to be preserved. Tested and proven varieties with our method are: Orchids, Peonies, Gerbera, Roses, Carnations and more. Let us know!

What makes our process special?

Longbloom has a patented and clean process with which flowers are preserved. This proces provides a couple advantages. First of all, we are able to preserve a much wider range of flowers than usual. This brings eternal beauty to you in all kinds of shapes and sizes.Second, the Longbloom method is 95% cleaner in comparison with other methods.  That’s why we call our products eco-preserved.


Longbloom sells to florists and businesses. You can use our products either through ordering them at your local florist, or as a business by getting in touch with us.

Preserved Flowers are very popular in Asia, especially in Japan, China (Hong Kong) and other countries. If you have a business or customers in this region, we are happy to get in touch.

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